Fancy Tag Editor with Cappuccino

Tags are present in many applications as a powerful way for users to organize content. For the most part, web applications provide adequate level of tagging, but often fall short on the editing side of things, especially compared to desktop applications.

To remedy this, we've build a tag editor control using Cappuccino that attempts to provide a richer and more natural tag editing experience.

You can see it in action in the screencast below.

Once you click on the edit field, most of the editing can be done via the keyboard. It features an autosuggest box that filters itself automatically as you type and inserts the selected tag upon hitting enter. Tagging can be performed very fast this way.

The control also supports drag and drop, to reorder the list for instance. What's more it's 100% pure HTML + CSS + Javascript.

A live demo will be available soon. Stay tuned.

Tag Editor in Cappuccino

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