Sluglug is a service that automagically adds human readable identifiers to stories from Pivotal Tracker, a widely used Agile project management tool.

Tracker identifies stories with a global number shared by all projects. As of this writing, newly generated story ids are in the ten million range. An 8-digit number is very impractical to refer to verbally. Sluglug lessens the pain of communicating the reference to a specific story to another human being by assigning name prefixes ("The Slug") to each story.

Slugs are derived from the names of US cities. They are lower cased and blank spaces replaced with hyphens. They are enclosed in square brackets and added at the front of the story title. For example a slugged story title could look like:

[hilton-village] As a user I should be able to login.

If you're using Tracker and need to refer to stories verbally, head over to and start slugging your project now.