I’m happy to introduce Safebox, a simple service to help you store and exchange confidential information simply and securely.

Within every product development team, there is a need to share secret information. It might be a shared credential for a 3rd party system, an SSL certificate or a private SSH key.

Often, there isn’t a good system in place to achieve that. Most individual will resort to emailing or pasting it into a chat. Not only the information is sent in plain text over those channels but it transits via 3rd party services and is likely to be cached locally at both end forever.

Even though good public key encryption solutions like PGP have been available for decades, the “hassle” of exchanging public key with the desired recipient and the time needed to set up the software is enough of a barrier that most people don’t even bother with it.

Safebox came out of the need to quickly exchange information without burdening the recipient. It balances strong security with convenience.

Design Goals

  • Dead simple - which meant no registration. The users at both end should be able to use this without pre-registering.
  • Private - the information should be transmitted and stored securely. No-one should be able to access it unless they know the key. The key should not be stored anywhere.
  • Easy to share - email and sms notification should be built in.


Safebox provides a simple mechanism to store and retrieve sensitive information and share it safely with others. Each Safebox has a unique URL address and is assigned a random 8-digit combination that unlocks it. The URL of the Safebox can be made public, shared with others via email, in a chat, or posted on a web page. The secret combination can be transmitted via another channel, such as text message, phone call or in person.

Safeboxes are the digital equivalent of locker boxes found at train stations and other public places. Anyone who knows the location and combination can open it and access the content.

Safebox is free and does not require any registration. Head over and give it a try:


More details about Safebox.

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