About Us

We are a boutique software engineering consultancy located in Silicon Valley, California. We specialize in coaching engineering teams and building software with Ruby on Rails. We love to work with entrepreneurs and early stage startups to create software that delight their customers.

Georges Auberger, Founder

H ello. My name is Georges Auberger and I am the founder of Ternary Labs.

I am a self-defined geek who grew up in Switzerland and relocated to Silicon Valley in the mid 90's. Throughout the years, I've had the privilege to deliver many great products to customers, use cool technologies and learn from a lot of talented people.

In many ways, you could say that I've always been involved with ideas that were ahead of their time, mostly building consumer-facing products tied to a backend infrastructure.

Early in my career, I lead the technical team that brought the very successful Logitech QuickCam video camera to market. We had to build all the necessary software components to enable people to communicate with others, from low level drivers to codecs, protocols and applications (Skype was still five years away). I initiated several patents in this field. This division has now flourished into a $250M/year business.

Somewhat unexpectedly, I then became a serial entrepreneur, co-founding a company and leading development teams at other startups funded by top VC firms such as Sequoia Capital, KPCB, Atlas Venture and Sutter Hill Ventures.

I've pioneered video sharing on the web with Spotlife (acquired by Logitech), in an era when dial-up connection was the norm. It was the first company to bring personal video broadcasting to the mainstream (six years ahead of YouTube). We built and operated a large self-service streaming video site as well as provided a video platform for companies like Yahoo!, used by tens of millions of their customers. I was directly responsible for the architecture, implementation and operation of those services and experienced first hand leading a team during significant growth in personnel and infrastructure.

Later on at Digital Chocolate, I built social gaming communities on mobile phones (the iPhone did not exist yet), dealt with device fragmentation and carrier integration world wide. I grew a global technical organization capable of creating, porting and shipping mobile games on up to 500 devices over 200 channels world-wide. I also provided technical leadership on nascent mobile topics such as push messaging, viral referral, billing and micro payment.

At Songbird, I lead the team of developers that previously created Winamp, and worked on Netscape Navigator and Mozilla Firefox to build Songbird, the award winning and open source media player. Sitting at the intersection of media consumption on mobile, PC, TV and the Cloud, Songbird enables media management across devices and screens that are not in the Apple monopolies of iPhone and iTunes. The technology is rapidly being adopted by global consumer electronics companies such as Philips and top mobile operators.

Throughout those experiences, I discovered the best way to manage development organizations and keep them at peak performance. I've put Agile development practices to the test, in real life situations, and elaborated a unique and pragmatic approach to engineering processes, yielding great results.

As a technology executive in small startups, I've made countless key technical decisions and managed hundreds of people through implementation. I lead product market delivery for partners such as Microsoft, Yahoo!, Philips, Logitech and most of the world's leading mobile network operators such as Vodafone, Orange, T-mobile, NTT Docomo, Verizon and AT&T.

I hope I can do the same for you.

Ternary Labs Founder

PS: You can follow my stories on software development and engineering management at The Human Factor.

Principles We Believe In

  • We like to have fun, innovate and be creative. We also believe that a disciplined approach is essential to building quality products.
  • We are results driven and utilize Agile development methods as a mean to that end.
  • Working software is the primary measure of progress and transparency is present every step of the way.
  • We value individuals and interactions and expect a collaborative partnership with our clients.
  • Our integrity guides every decisions we make.