Silicon Valley Expertise

My name is Georges Auberger and I'm the founder of Ternary Labs. We are a boutique software engineering consultancy located in Silicon Valley.

Because we work exclusively with software companies, we understand the importance of a strong engineering culture. Our standards of excellence meet and often exceed those of our clients.

I spent decades developing software for the web and mobile phones. For large companies, for startups backed by top VCs from the Valley. I even founded a few companies of my own.

Along the way, I formulated a pragmatic approach to technology management, keeping teams at peak performance and yielding significant results.

Under my leadership, our flexible development team is a great execution risk reducer for your project. You can count on getting quality code that's well architected, maintainable and extensible. The investment you're making building software with us will be protected, with no waste.

I understand what it takes to build great software, deploy it and maintain it.

I'd love to do that for you.

Georges Auberger

PS: Read my stories on software development and engineering leadership at The Human Factor.

Flexible Development Capacity

Whether you need a single developer to bootstrap your MVP or a dozen to amplify your effort, we got you covered.

Our partner development team of 50+ engineers located in Panama City provides instant flexible capacity, with the advantage of CST timezeone proximity. All communications happen during regular business hours, so real time collaboration is possible.

Panama has long been a stable hub of international trade and finance. There is a large talent pool of CS graduates from a dozen universities. English is widely spoken and American culture is pervasive. It's almost like having a team in Texas. Less cowboy hats, more board shorts though.

With expertise in Java, Scala, Ruby, JavaScript and Objective-C, we are well positioned to take care of all your programming needs.

We practice Agile development methodologies. What this means for you is frequent software deliveries, close cooperation and a process that is well adapted to changes in circumstances.

And because we provide engineering leadership and architectural oversight, adding us to your project has very little impact on your existing team.

Principles We Live By

  • We like to have fun, innovate and be creative. We also believe that a disciplined approach is essential to building quality products.
  • We are results driven and utilize Agile development methods as a mean to that end.
  • Working software is the primary measure of progress and transparency is present every step of the way.
  • We value individuals and interactions and expect a collaborative partnership with our clients.
  • Our integrity guides every decisions we make.